We Make Your Favorite Glassware

There is something really special about living near Detroit. The area gets a lot of large scale media attention for negative reasons, but people don’t get to see our entrepreneurial spirit. We are one of the fastest growing craft brewery and craft distillery markets. Our restaurant selection is ridiculously good. The Motor City is on it’s way back, and it’s through people like us that dare to be creative.

Currently we are a team of three. Terry began etching as a way to become a stay-at-home dad, as business grew Stephanie joined to help with photography, and customer service. Now she has moved to marketing, and Chris has stepped in as a business partner and our artistic director. If you would like to know more about us please check out our bios!

There are so many options to chose from with etching, it can get quite overwhelming putting an order together. Most of our customers are purchasing gifts. They pick which glass they want, then design an etching that is perfect for the recipient. Frequently we will ship directly to the person receiving the gift and include a personalized note from our customer. If you would like a design that isn’t shown in our store don’t be afraid to contact us.