Father’s Day Giveaway

Beermosa ingredients, pineapple juice, orange juice and M-43 IPA

There’s nothing quite like Father’s Day on Etsy and our website. We love custom requests, making that one gift only you can give, and this year was exactly that. Fast, furious, a whole month of custom handprints, paw prints, artwork, business logos, and Braille made just for your dads. We’ve shipped all over the world this Father’s Day and did everything in our power to keep your gifts on schedule. We took as many last minute requests as we could, and every Father’s Day item that was shipping was out the door no later than last Wednesday, now it’s up to our postal workers to get them to you on time. Now that’s done we’ll be celebrating with brunch for Terry with beermosas!

This months giveaway is two Daddy’s Juice beer can glasses, perfect for sharing those delicious beermosas.


Pulp free orange juice or pineapple juice

Your favorite beer (IPA or wheat work best)



The best part about beermosas is they are all made to taste, it’s the perfect brunch item for the kids to make for dad. Terry prefers his beermosas with a craft IPA, these were made with M-43 from Old Nation Brewing, half beer and half juice.

Enter the giveaway by leaving a comment on this post about your favorite Father’s Day traditions, or by entering at Rafflecopter. It’s been a long few months and we’re so grateful we’ve been able to bring joy to your houses with custom gifts. It’s such an honor that you let us into your lives that way.

I look forward to coming back to blogging in the next couple of weeks. I have a fun book collection planned and we’re hoping to get the laser up and running for some bookmarks in addition to glassware. We’ve been reorganizing our workspace to accomodate more orders this holiday season, and updating the website, Etsy, and Amazon. We’re looking forward to bringing you more joy through the rest of the year.

As always, thank you for being the best customers on the internet!


April Giveaway!

Sand Carved Heart Glass

Now that it’s been a month we’re all starting to go a little stir crazy, especially when there’s kids involved. We’ve decided to include the kids in our April giveaway with this fun science lesson in a glass. April’s giveaway drink video has fun colors, tastes delicious, and can be modified for a 21+ happy hour!

If the kids love this idea and you’re looking for more information there is quite a bit of alternates available, plus some information for them to create their own concoctions! Check out this list of specific gravities from MSU, another experiment from Science Bob, and yet another from Inspiration Laboratories. There’s something incredibly satisfying about the visual results from liquid density experiments.

If you want to win these fun heart glasses enter below! 


Pulp free orange juice


Club Soda

Blue Food Coloring

Rainbow Cheer Drink Ingredients


Add 8 ounces of orange juice to the glass. (For a more mature version of this beverage you could add a shot or two of your favorite oj mixer.)

Slowly pour 0.5 ounces of grenadine in the glass and allow to settle. The density of grenadine is higher than the density of pulp free orange juice and it will settle on the bottom of the glass.

For the next part add some blue food coloring to the club soda, it only takes a drop. The density of the club soda is less than the density of the orange juice so when you pour it into the glass the blue will combine with the orange juice and turn green and the rest will float on top to finish the rainbow! We used a spoon to make sure the club soda wasn’t poured too quickly. (If you’re looking for the mom & dad version you could also add liquor to this section…kind of like a rainbow long island.)

Blogging has fallen by the wayside as we’ve adjusted to the new normal of being home more often, and being incredibly busy but what better way to come back than an April giveaway?  Our Amazon Handmade shop, Etsy shop, and website orders have been busy with a lot of custom requests. It’s been a wonderful distraction, and we’re so happy to still be creating your favorite glassware. Top sellers have currently been our best friend sets, hand print designs, and, as always, your phenomenal unique ideas. (If you’re interested in the hand print glasses and need some instruction check out this blog post.)

Our house is still safe, and we still have access to all of our materials. Our local mail carriers are still working as hard as ever, and we’re all taking this seriously to be able to provide your favorite glassware as safely as possible.

Stay safe Mixers, and I look forward to writing again soon!


Best Friends…From A Distance

Clinking Glasses

As we’re navigating uncharted territory in the United States, and around the world, with the current Covid-19 pandemic, Mixing Spirits is still open for business. We’re all still healthy and under strong recommendations to participate in extreme social distancing. In some ways we’re much luckier than previous generations. Our 6 year old will likely have many people from around the country singing him happy birthday in April, in spite of postponing his party, because of social media. We can easily FaceTime, use Facebook Messenger, or Skype to connect with family and friends all over the world. This pandemic continues to show that community isn’t a forgotten relic of the past. As local, country, and global communities we’re cheering each other on and supporting one another more than I’ve witnessed in my lifetime. People are working out together from rooftops and balconies, filling the streets with song from above, sharing and supporting local businesses, and reconnecting with friends. It’s beautiful to watch.

In our area Michigan By the Bottle is doing online wine tastings following in the footsteps of The Joyful Wino. Distilleries and breweries that are still allowed to do carryout bottle sales and growler fills are seeing community support. Near us Redline Brewing Company, River Rouge Brewing Company, Motor City Gas Whiskey, Cadillac Straits, LFG Royal Oak and Detroit Fleat are a few of our favorites that are still offering pickup or delivery services. Small businesses make up the fabric of our communities, and now more than ever, they need community support.

While you’re supporting your favorite local small businesses keep your friend nights in tact by enjoying your drinks in custom glasses. Our best friend sets have been a huge part in the lives of friends that are separated by college, military service, and jobs, and are the perfect addition to responsible drinking with appropriate social distancing. As always we LOVE creating your perfect glassware and are willing to customize the design to honor your friendship. We’ve had several customers contact us with glassware requests that poke fun at the absurdity of the pandemic. Let us know how we can help you feel more connected to your friends during this strange time. We’re still working and will be shipping orders as long as the post office is still running. Check out this blog post for how Covid-19 is affecting us. Also, don’t forget to enter this month’s giveaway! You have until Sunday March 22 to win the fun green wine glasses!

Stay healthy Mixers!


2 pint cassette boombox
2 pint set ship and anchor

Sláinte! St. Patrick’s Day Giveaway!

Two green wine glasses, one with a trinity knot and one with a rose in the middle of the trinity knot

March 2020 has come with many surprises, but we should still celebrate the holidays the best we can. St Patrick’s Day is a staple holiday in so many households and the meaning of the holiday should be honored. For our part we’re continuing with our giveaway, these two fun green glasses are etched with the trinity knot, one with a rose in the middle and one without.

Enter the giveaway here by leaving a comment with your must have quarantine item, and visiting our Facebook page.  



1.5 oz Irish Whiskey

Fresh Lime Juice to taste

Fill with Vernors Ginger Ale

Pi Day For Everyone!

Pi Day therapy session, 3.14 against the remaining letters in a couple's therapy session

Happy Pi Day Mixers! With Covid-19 spreading in our area and our local government working diligently to keep everyone safe it’s time for a celebration to keep our minds off the mess! Today is π day! We haven’t come up with any new π day merchandise since the epic year of 2015 when we sold a ridiculous amount of pie plates with the pi symbol on them. I’m thinking there will be a math collection this year to remedy that problem. In the meantime we always welcome custom orders and LOVE seeing your favorite math jokes. Put your favorite pun in the comments!

Peace, Baby! Batiks has one of my favorite kid’s pi day gifts because it is adorable and PINK! While I don’t believe in discouraging anyone from studying STEM, as a woman in a STEM field myself I know how important it is to actively encourage little girls to follow their interests. There are so many fun and exciting things for all kids to study and it’s great to show them how cool STEM can be with fun holidays days like today.

For the older, more discerning pi day enthusiast this amazing fork from Silver Statements is a perfect gift. Before we were sand carving experts my husband used to take a pie to work on March 14, then give a piece to anyone who could tell them why he brought it. It’s encouraging that the majority of the kids he worked with knew pi day! If your classic pi day enthousiast isn’t actually a pie eater, Silver Statements has a wide range of items that would be perfect.

I mentioned that we don’t currently have any pi day items in our shop, but we love custom orders. We still accept custom orders for these fun pie plates, and they can be designed specifically for you. The reason we stopped offering them regularly is they are heavy, making them pricy to ship, and we prefer to buy them in the store so we can ensure excellent quality glass. These dishes, when bought in large quantities, usually scratch one another during shipment.

If you’re interested in a dish like this, one with grandma’s recipe in her handwriting, or something else entirely, contact us for a custom listing. They’re etched on the bottom of the plate to keep the cooking surface intact, and are phenomenal for ensuring your dish gets back to you after a potluck!

These hand towels from Out of My Head Designs are gorgeous and will be perfect for any baking math lover. There are several different color options for all times of the year, aptly called “Pumpkin Pi” and “Blueberry Pi”, as well as the cutest bib and burp cloth combos on their website. It’s a wonderful way to bring generations together for the love of pi!

Of course, how can you celebrate Pi Day without supporting your local bakeries! Sister Pie in Detroit is delicious and well worth supporting, even in these uncertain times. If you’re immunocompromised and can’t get out for a slice, no worries, they have a cookbook! As the weeks of this crazy time turn into months we’ll be focusing more on our favorite local joints. Small businesses are so important to the fabric of our community, and it’s important to keep supporting them as much as possible. 

Hopefully that helped out with a few pi day ideas! We have a St. Patrick’s day video ready to go with a giveaway. There will be a sneak peak in tomorrow’s March email and the video will be live on Tuesday!

Enjoy your Pi(e) Mixers!


Flexibility is key…

Local beverages

During the last few days Oakland County in Michigan has had our first official Covid-19 case. As the state, county, and cities begin preparing for the pandemic we are preparing as well. Most of our suppliers are based in the United States, and we do stock up on supplies after the busy holiday season so we aren’t expecting a supply issue. We are investigating the possibility of providing a greater number of items to Amazon Prime for better service, and considering limiting local drop offs to retail customers.

Currently the schools in our area are preparing to go to online programs, all gatherings of more than 100 people are being cancelled or rescheduled, and with our current lifestyles and risk factors we aren’t anticipating high risk for infection in our business. We are planning to use the time for catching up on special projects and working on expanding our offerings with our new laser!

This is incredibly stressful for many reasons, but remember…you can always share a glass of your favorite beverage long distance! We’re stocked with our favorite beer from River Rouge Brewing Company, Redline Brewing Company, whiskey from Motor City Gas, as well as ginger ale from Verners. It’s all about being prepared, right?

On a more serious note, please check your local hospital websites for updated information where you live, and the CDC website for updated recommendations for this horrific pandemic.

Stay safe and don’t panic.


best friend single wine glass

Bon Bon Bon

Assortment of Bon Bon Bon chocolates in open packaging

International Women’s Day is March 8, let’s celebrate one of my favorite women owned business in Metro Detroit! Bon Bon Bon specializes in unique, beautiful, decadent chocolates and they are one of my favorite treats in the area. When they began offering delivery through Grubhub I was over the moon!

I love how many local businesses exist in Metro Detroit. Every business owner is unique and they add to the city’s beautiful tapestry.

Bon Bon Bon began with a desire to create something delicious. Alexandra Clark talked about her adventure of starting a business to Forbes a few years ago; her story is uplifting and exciting. They began making chocolates in Hamtramck in 2014, and have since expanded to two Detroit locations, one Downtown and another in Midtown. I’ve been to the Midtown location and the options are almost overwhelming.

The chocolatiers at Bon Bon Bon are able to take a blueberry crumble, a creme brulee, or a s’more and turn them into the perfect two bite taste. The best part? You can visit their locations and pick your favorites, you can order from Grubhub…they even have a subscription service!

There are so many amazing Detroit women owned businesses that I’m looking forward to trying, this area thrives on people supporting people. If you’re looking for a personal recommendation, Bon Bon Bon is one of my absolute favorite treat shops and their gourmet chocolates are worth every penny.

Hey Mixers,

As a side note: last week was a bit of a bust for me with some personal crap. I’ll be looking backwards and adding the blog posts in that were planned for last week, but this week we’re celebrating International Women’s Day today, Pi Day on Wednesday, and talking about wholesale orders on Friday. I’ll be backdating the posts for last week, and I’ll share them on Facebook when they’re live.

Thank you for being the best customers on the internet! I’m so excited to get back in the groove of things this week!


Hip Happening Hazel Park

Pink Flower in foreground with blue flowers behund
Many Seasons Of MIchigan

Hazel Park is known as “The Friendly City” and the community lives up to that name, even as our traditionally blue collar town is transitioning to an up-and-coming hot spot. Mixing Spirits has called Hazel Park home from the beginning, and Terry’s family has roots here all the way back to the 1960’s. The business owners work together, our city council is an open forum for citizens to discuss local happenings, and the shift from the blue collar roots to Hip, Happening Hazel Park is one that’s driven by the wonderful sense of community.

The James Beard Award nominees have recently been announced and Hazel Park’s own James Rigato has gotten another nod for the delicious dishes available at Mabel Gray. Youngblood’s is a phenomenal barbershop, the art from Red Oaks Tattoo Company is beautiful…there’s so much happening in our friendly community just north of Detroit.

With so many new exciting businesses let’s highlight Kozy Lounge today. They have been a Hazel Park staple for nearly 6 decades, and this transition is a perfect time to show off their delicious food and draw in some new customers.

Last year Kozy Lounge won Eastern Market’s 5th annual burger competition as a first time entry, and we’re lucky enough to live right around the corner! Kozy won that competition with their delicious Katburger, a delightful combination of juicy burger, swiss cheese, bacon, and just the right amount of heat from jalapeno peppers.

One of the best parts of Kozy Lounge is how they appeal to a wide variety of customers. Terry, Jenn, and I are craft beer and distillery fans, but we understand that not everyone cares for that drink style. Kozy Lounge has local Michigan brews available, but they also carry staples like Miller and Budwiser, and a wide variety of liquor. If the spice of the jalapeno burger doesn’t appeal they have a full menu of bar staples available as well. 

This year’s competition for Michigan’s Best Burger is already underway with Kozy Lounge listed as a nominee, and I’m looking forward to this years entry into the Eastern Market competition. Detroit is extremely supportive of local businesses, and local business owners work together to ensure we’re all successful…but everyone loves a little competition, right? May the best burger win!

On Wednesday this week we’ll look at some ways to make your St. Patrick’s day celebration a little more authentic, and learn a little more about the history of the holiday. On Friday I’m excited to tell you about our newest equipment addition (a sweet laser!), and the differences in etching techniques.

See you soon!


The Perfect Toasting Glass

Detroit Skyline Glass sitting on a table.

The perfect wedding glassware can feel like finding a unicorn that poops glitter and farts rainbows. Everything is too fancy, or extra hipster, too laid back, has too much of a sickly “in love” vibe, or feels too casual. That’s where we come in, we have cultivated our whole sand carving vibe on creating YOUR favorite glasses, putting YOUR memories on glass, and creating a perfect set just for you.

Glass design created from custom bridal shower invitations with mason jars and flowers

First, the budget.

There are so many different ways to create your perfect wedding glasses. We have couples that order a set (or two!) just for them, many couples order glasses for their whole bridal party (either for the elaborate bridal party proposal, or for toasting glasses on the big day), we also have couples with larger budgets that order glassware as their wedding favors for all of their guests. While it seems like the first thing to figure out is a design the process actually begins as early as deciding your budget.

There are a wide range of glass options, our standard glassware is ordered from Libbey. We keep several different styles of glasses on hand, all of which come with a range of price points. Are you having a big wedding or a more intimate ceremony? Is your heart set on having glasses as your favor, or just a few for your bridal party? These are big considerations as your planning your budget for your wedding. While we do offer bulk discounts the price point of custom hand etched glassware can be a bit of a sticker shock. Once you figure out what works within your budget we can easily work as a team to put together your perfect wedding glass design.

One of the most frequent questions we receive from LGBTQ+ customers ordering for their wedding is “can we order (two brides, two grooms, non-gendered, gender neutral) glassware?” 100% yes, when we say we make your favorite wedding glassware we mean it. Your love story is unique to you and that’s what we want to highlight for your big day.

Finding your perfect glass

Once the budget is sorted out the next question is how often do you intend on using your glasses? Long before Mixing Spirits was even a thought in our mind Terry and I got married. One of my wedding gifts to him was a set of 4 “real” wine glasses. I bought them at a big box store known for engraving, and was given three or four options for designs. I picked the monogram design and had five font options, and when they arrived I was thrilled. Those glasses haven’t been touched in over a decade except to move from one location to another, or hang them from the ceiling to prevent them from breaking. In fact, as I type this they are completely covered in dust…I probably should pull them down and wash them. (Check out Instagram for the disgusting picture.) Fast forward 10 years, I would have picked a completely different style of glass and a much more “us” design.

Step two for selecting your perfect toasting glasses – What glasses will you use? Are you beer drinkers? Wine? Whiskey? Maybe you’re looking for the champagne flutes you can pull down on New Year’s Eve and your anniversary. Maybe you don’t drink alcohol at all and you prefer a juice glass instead. With glasses from us there is no risk in using them, if they break we keep your design on hand for replacements. If you’re looking for your wedding party or for wedding favors really consider what you’re going to be serving at your wedding. Will there be champagne? Craft beer? Maybe you’re looking to give them a shot glass that can function as their escort card and be kept for years to come.

Finally, the design!

Now that you’ve figured out what fits in your budget, and what kind of glasses you, your bridal party, and your guests will use, next is the design! This is the fun part because with our process the ideas are limitless*! Are you working with a calligrapher or graphic designer to create your invitations? That’s a fabulous place to start for creating a design that will follow your perfectly curated wedding theme. Is there something special about your love story that would make a great memory? We’ve had couples that met in a bicycle club, couples that love boating, tabletop gaming, music…whatever makes your love story yours we can put it on glassware.

If you have an idea for your design, or are working with an artist for your wedding theme send us those images, fonts, and ideas and we can create a proof for your approval.

If you don’t have an idea send us an email anyway, let us know what kind of glass you’re looking for, what kind of wedding you’re having (small, big, casual, black tie, open bar, Halloween themed, Christmas themed, etc…) and what makes your relationship perfect. We will create a few designs for you to review and provide feedback. Typically when we create the design based on your information it takes three or four design brainstorming emails to find your perfect wedding glass design. After you love the design your order will go into our production queue!

*All copyright and licensed items require express permission from the copyright and license holder for use.

Our favorite part of this job is creating your favorite glassware, creating memories for you to enjoy for years to come. The perfect wedding glasses are one of those pesky details that can get lost in the shuffle, and we completely understand how many other things are on your plate as the bride and groom to be. Let us take some of that stress off your shoulders and help create your perfect day.