Spring has sprung! Well, kind of…we’re still getting a lot of snow in the Detroit area. In spite of that we are feeling spring fever. Any time the temperature hits above 50 degrees we shut off the heat and open all the windows.

With spring threatening to show up it’s time for another glass giveaway! This time we’re giving away two rocks glasses, one with Motor City Gas Whiskey’s logo and another with the map of Detroit. We’ve styled Belly Up Bourbon two ways with strawberry, one if spring has come to you, and one if you’re still waiting.

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Berried In Detroit

Frozen strawberry chunks (to taste)

1.5 oz Belly Up Bourbon

5 oz Faygo Creme Soda

Fresh Muddled Strawberries (to taste)

Stir well

Garnish and Enjoy!

If you love fresh strawberries this drink is beautifully refreshing. Belly Up Bourbon from Motor City Gas Whiskey has a delightful smooth flavor that pairs well fresh ingredients. If you’re looking for other combinations make sure to stop at their Royal Oak tap room for their signature cocktails.

Motor City Madness

Strawberries and Creme Ice Cubes

1.5 oz Belly Up Bourbon

5 oz Faygo Creme Soda

Faygo Red Pop (to taste)

Stir well

Garnish and Enjoy!

This fun drink is perfect if you don’t have fresh strawberries available yet. We made some strawberries and creme ice cubes using Faygo Creme Soda, Faygo Red Pop, and frozen strawberries in our favorite ice cube tray. Keep in mind that the carbonation may cause geysers of creme soda!

Motor City Gas Whiskey opened three years ago in Royal Oak Michigan on St. Patrick’s Day. Terry and Jenn are naturally whiskey lovers, but I am a vodka girl at heart. Rich changed my mind and cultivated a love of whiskey in me with his phenomenal cocktails. They serve a seasonal menu that includes fresh ingredients, often prepared in front of you as you order. Their whiskey offerings have continued to grow each year, including basics like rye and bourbon, as well as innovations like apple pie moonshine and collaborations with local breweries.

Visit their tap room, and follow them on social media to be the first to hear about new cocktails and barrel releases.



Motor City Gas – Whiskey Website

325 E 4th Street, Royal Oak MI, 48067

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