Game Gifts

Jenn is the quintessential gamer; board games, video games, card games, table top games…she’s always ready to win. She’s sarcastic, fun, a great artist, and has such a big heart. She handles all of our custom requests with so much care, putting your memories on glassware. She moonlights as a video game expert and the general manager (High Guardian of the East Tower according to the owner) at the best gaming lounge in Metro Detroit, LFG Royal Oak. This week’s gift ideas were picked by Jenn, and are perfect to make all your gaming friends winners.

SLH Wood Designs is run by Shelley Hennigar out of Canada. She creates beautiful, handmade wooden items, and by far Jenn’s favorite is the euchre set. Euchre is a Michigan staple and Jenn’s dad was a euchre master. We can’t play at home because both Jenn and Terry know my tells too well and I lose every hand, no matter who I have for a partner!

You can find SLH Wood Designs on Etsy, Instagram, and Facebook

Every tabletop gamer needs a phenomenal dice bag. Jenn doesn’t play D&D right now with as busy as she has been over the last few years, but the nerd life is in her blood and I know when the time is right she’ll join the right group. In the meantime, this beautiful dice bag from Words Remember is one of many fun items to keep the LARPer in your life happy.

Follow Words Remember on Facebook, Instagram, Etsy and their website for the newest leather items for the LARPer in your life.

This design was made specifically for me by Jenn. I’m notorious for button mashing because I can’t bother to figure out all those confusing controller buttons. I do pretty well on Smash Bros as long as I’m Yoshi and can turn people into egg poop, but that doesn’t result in any good will from my friends that actually play video games.

This design can include a name in the trophy, up to 5 letters, or a name on the back. If there’s another (non-trademarked and non-licensed) idea that you have for your favorite gamer let Jenn know. She loves to create all things gamer nerd.

The last idea in this post is a fabulous board game tracker from Daft Concepts. The design is a fun way to keep track of which games you’ve played and how many times you’ve played, perfect for the family of game enthusiasts. In our house we play Cards Against Humanity, Clue, and Villainous, along with games like Go Fish for the small child in the house.

Follow Daft Concepts on Instagram, Facebook, Etsy and their website for all their great products. Most importantly enjoy your year of games with your family!

So many gamer ideas are trademarked and licensed products without permission, our goal at Mixing Spirits is to put your memories and ideas on glassware without crossing any legal lines. Jenn is amazing at creating the perfect design every time. Email us at or email Jenn directly at to create your favorite gamer’s gift today! Today’s honorable mention gift is this super fun gaymer shirt, perfect for the gaymer in your life.

Gifts for Men

Terry is the most ridiculous, practical, helpful human being I have ever met in my entire life. He collects things in his life that are extremely high quality and useful, and loves an item that serves more than one purpose. He’s probably the worst person to purchase a gift for if that gift isn’t beer or whiskey. This week’s list are items that he’s purchased previously or top his wish list.

Every guy that likes to travel deserves a great travel bag for his toiletries. Terry’s a soap and water kind of guy when he travels, but even a soap and water guy likes a few luxuries. Kruk Garage has this wonderful Dopp kit that can be found on their website and Etsy, as well as a bunch of other “man’s man” gifts for the guy that appreciates quality luxury items.

Follow them on Instagram and Facebook for updates!

As an Eagle Scout Terry appreciates a great fire. Iron Ram Forge creates flint fire starting kits that are perfect for any winter camp out. While I think he’s out of his mind for camping in winter, any time spent in nature gives Terry a sense of clarity he doesn’t find anywhere else.

There are so many other items from Iron Ram Forge that will make your camp outs easier for those of us that aren’t Eagle Scouts and Camp Masters. Check them out on Facebook and Instagram!

By the time I met Terry 11 years ago my obnoxiously lovable black cat Pantalimon was 5 and solidly into his crabby teen years. Terry wears a hearing aid and I take medicine at night, which resulted in prime mess making options for him. We’d wake up in the morning and Terry’s hearing aid would have been batted across the room, and my water spilled all over the floor. While a ManStand wouldn’t have stopped my water from getting spilled it would have stopped the hearing hunt every morning.

When a company has a perfect product they don’t need a ton of options. Find ManStands on their website, Etsy, Facebook, and Instagram. 

Speaking of whiskey, a local craft whiskey is always a welcome gift for Terry. Our favorite local bottles come from Motor City Gas in Royal Oak, Valentine Distilling in Ferndale, and drifting a little further, Traverse City Whiskey Co from Traverse City.

Our custom flasks or rocks glasses are perfect for the whiskey lover in your life, with their favorite bottle, of course!

Terry is the most picky wallet owner I’ve ever known in my life. He’s owned the trifold wallet from Unus Leather for 6 months and I’ve never heard a single complaint. He had it personalized with his initials and has had so many compliments. This was the best purchase we made all year and still looks brand new.

Hopefully you have a few ideas for the man’s man in your life that cares about quality over quantity. Next week we’re talking about wine!

Coffee Gifts

Craft coffee is quickly becoming a defining feature in many communities and Metro Detroit is no exception. We have Civitas Coffee House just down the street (pictured), Chazzano Coffee House less than a mile from there, and Drifter Coffee, one of my favorite coffee trucks, recently opened a permanent location not too far from us as well. All of these craft roasters are coffee experts. Similar to craft brewing or craft distilling each roaster adds their own flair to the beans and provides a unique atmosphere for their patrons creativity to flourish.

We live on coffee, especially this time of year when we are busy creating your custom gifts. Our local coffee shops give us a place to meet with our customers while creating their perfect designs, a place to work on catalogs, new product lines, or just to take a breather from the holiday bustle.

For those of you who love coffee as much as us, or if you have someone that loves coffee on your gift list, this blog post is for you.

Obsessories LA is a super fun Etsy shop based in Chicago Illinois. They make a little something for everyone’s interests, but my favorite is their Latte Art cabochon stud earrings. If you don’t know anything about what kind of coffee your friend drinks these earrings will certainly be a hit! You can find Obsessories LA all over social media. Follow them on Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest to see what they’re up to, and find the whole list of their social media links on their Etsy page. They also list all their stockists, so you may find a shop near you to support as well!

If you’re looking for something more upscale Iron & Sprout has some really phenomenal pour over sets. Their industrial design is beautiful in any kitchen or office and perfect for the coffee aficionado. You can find them on Instagram, Facebook, and Etsy in addition to their own website. If you’d like to know more about the brand and creators they also have a blog

What fun is a new coffee maker without a custom mug? We have a selection of mugs already on our website, and can create many of our other designs on mugs as well. Our mugs are approximately 15 ounces and have an option of 8 different interior colors (shown above).


Contact Jenn to create your new favorite mug today!

If you’re the kind of person that finds coffee too bitter to drink, but loves the smell Farm House Candle Co has you covered! They are a fabulous artisan candle company based in Leelanau County Michigan. They have a wide variety of scents, find them all in their shop and follow them on Instagram and Facebook!

Terry requested to share some of his favorite things with you next week, keep an eye out for that next Wednesday!

Thanks for following along with our holiday gift extravaganza! Gift giving always more fun with friends!


Gifts for Kids

Who better to pick out kid gifts than the most energetic, compassionate, insightful boy I have ever met? Our son helps out both around the house and with our production, he’s always willing to get his hands dirty. He loves animals and is such a beautiful soul, always wanting to get his friends gifts. When I asked him to help me sift through all of the kid options for this blog post he was thrilled to give his unique perspective for presents.

The first gift Edgar chose was this beautiful children’s drawing necklace from Caitlyn Minimalist on Etsy. It was chosen with his friend Aubrey in mind, he knows how much she loves to show off her artwork.

Caitlyn Minimalist is a jeweler based in Los Angeles California with a focus on completely personalized items. The Caitlyn Minimalist team includes several designers with a background in high end jewelry to ensure each customer’s memory is captured perfectly.

You can find their wonderful pieces on Etsy, Amazon Handmade, and follow their updates on Instagram and Facebook.

This year Edgar is in first grade and his teacher is extremely forward thinking. The result is a class that learns because they enjoy learning, and one of Edgar’s favorite concepts is the “cozy space”. There are several different types of learning spaces in their classroom, including a tent that is filled with pillows. This playhouse from Domestic Objects is available both on their website and their Etsy shop. They also have some really adorable camping felt items that are perfect for imaginative play for kids of all ages. Check out their Instagram and Facebook for updates.

Edgar has been a dinosaur enthusiast since the day he was born. When he saw these dinosaurs from Mommy’s Gift Shop he immediately thought of my friend’s 6 month old Asher. His goal is to be the most famous paleontologist in the world, and the best way to accomplish his goal is to spread the love of dinosaurs far and wide.

This set is also available on Etsy, and you can follow the shop for updates on Instagram and Facebook. The toys are made in Croatia by a husband and wife team that began their shop to create wonderful wooden toys that stimulated children’s creativity.

In addition to our larger glass types we offer extremely sturdy 8 ounce juice glasses and, Edgar’s current favorite glass, the 11 ounce rocks glass. Both glasses fit well in kids hands, Edgar gets so excited to use his favorite glass. We offer the kid’s artwork design, as well as many other kid approved designs, including Edgar’s very own dinosaur line. We also offer completely custom designs so if your little one has a specific design in mind contact Jenn at to create your kid’s favorite glass!

These fun Doodle Dolls from Livi Lou & Co reminded Edgar of his cousins Madi and Vicky. Madi loves to swim and Vicky and Edgar had a great time coloring together when his cousins came to visit. Of course, this selection was made easier when he realized Livi Lou & Co have a dinosaur version of this set as well.

You can find updates for this shop on Instagram and Facebook. Livi Lou & Co is run by Mary Jo in Illinois USA. She loves bringing unique hand sewn gifts and clothing to life. 

Bookish Gifts

Bookish Gifts Mixing Spirits 2019 Holiday Gift Guide

Terry, Jenn, and I read voraciously, and that love of reading is translating to the child in our house as well. We read everything; scifi, romance, thrillers, biography, science texts…you name a genre one of us has enjoyed something from it. 

This past year I participated in the PopSugar reading challenge and it was so much fun. I read genres and authors for prompts that I probably wouldn’t have picked up otherwise. One of my favorites this year was The Night Circus, Erin Morgenstern’s 2011 debut novel. It was like a slow waltz where the main character wasn’t a person at all, it was the development of the circus over time. It danced beautifully from beginning to end, and I didn’t want to leave.

On Monday PopSugar released the 2020 reading challenge and I’m excited all over again. In honor of the new challenge release here are some fabulous bookish gifts!

For those of us that have to lug around heavy textbooks (I’m looking at you fellow science types!) an e-reader can be a huge weight off our backs, literally. Luckily Kelly Connor Designs makes punny covers for us! She also has fun tote bags for those that still frequent book stores and libraries for that one of a kind smell. You can find her on Etsy (link above) and on Instagram.

Packagery is a fun stamp company run by Caitlin out of Seattle WA. She has quite a few options to label your books for those that still prefer paper to e-reader. This would be perfect for the younger readers that love to cart their books to school, there will be no question where they belong! Her work is beautiful and you can follow her on Facebook and Pinterest, as well as on her blog.

I’ve loved hearing your ideas for shops to share and gift themes. Keep the ideas coming! We have quite a few weeks left before the holidays!



Handmade Gift Extravaganza Week 1 – Maps

Handmade Gift Extravaganza Week 1 - Maps

Monday was Veteran’s Day in the United States where we honor those that have served in our military. Beyond simply thanking those that have served we at Mixing Spirits would like to honor their families as well with some map style gift ideas. These ideas are great not only for military deployment, military parents, spouses, and kids, but also for any loved one that might live far away.

Our first gift idea is custom map jewelry from PolymerPamE on Etsy. She has had an Etsy shop since 2007 and creates these delightful custom map pendants with two locations. This is a perfect way to keep those that you love close to your heart. Her custom map necklace listing can be found here and the rest of her amazing creations can be found at her main Etsy page here. She’s also on Instagram and her Facebook page is found here.

JanePersonalized is an Etsy shop that specializes in leather embossed items. This beautiful passport cover is a unique, personalized way to keep your loved one’s location in mind as they travel, or document your fun travels together. Jane has been creating the perfect gift for Etsy travelers since 2016 and has shipped thousands of handmade pieces.

It’s well known that our favorite part of creating your items is putting your memories on glassware. We regularly create custom pieces for you that hold your memories for a lifetime. All of our items are sand carved with hand placed individual stencils. You can find our custom listings here and our long distance friends gifts here. If you’re looking for one of our standard designs don’t forget to check out our Amazon Handmade shop to see if it’s available with Prime shipping!

Finch & Cotter is another Michigan shop based in lovely Grand Rapids, run by Jeff & Niki and their team of assistants. They have these beautiful star maps where you can choose your locations. These are perfect for long distance friends, children travelling to college, or military spouses separated for deployment. Follow Finch & Cotter on Instagram and Facebook to see their newest creations!

View this post on Instagram

Loving this new star map & street map combo! 😍

A post shared by Finch & Cotter (@finchandcotter) on

Holy Cow Canvas Art makes beautiful wall art world maps for use with push pins! These fun maps are great for military families that move frequently, grandparents with scattered grandchildren, and friends that have moved from home all over the world. Tom runs Holy Cow Canvas from the Chicagoland area and can be found at his website (linked above), on Etsy, and on social media on Instagram and Facebook.

Every year I share ideas for handmade gifts on Instagram, this year I’m going to be making blog posts every week as well. Each week will have a different theme, let me know if you have any fun theme ideas or products you’d like featured!

I look forward to hearing from you!


Santa’s Day Off Martini Glass Giveaway

Santa's Day Off Martini Glass Giveaway!

Hey Mixers! I know it doesn’t feel like it, but we are only 5 months from Christmas! If you aren’t also a small business that sells handmade goods you probably don’t feel the same time crunch. In honor of Christmas in July we bring you a themed martini glass giveaway! We’re hard at work like busy elves making sure our Amazon Prime items are sent in, our Etsy is fully organized, and our website is in tip-top shape for the coming holidays, all to make sure you don’t have to worry about a thing when you’re ready to order your gifts once Halloween and Thanksgiving have passed.

In the meantime, enter our giveaway this weekend for these fun Santa “He sees you when you’re drinking” glasses and sit back with a peppermint martini to cool down from the massive heat wave. We filmed this on the hottest day of the summer so far, lakeside, so we weren’t able to keep the honey thick enough to rim the glass with peppermint stick chunks, but you could always add a touch of grenadine for that fun holiday color. If you want to keep the drink summery (because who doesn’t want it to stay summer!) muddle some mint before adding in the liquor and garnish with a fresh sprig of mint.

It’s been a hot one, but this is a perfect cool down!

Enter to win two fun Santa martini glasses here.

We’re also celebrating Christmas in July with 25% off all website orders through the end of the month! Check out the shop and the new Americana line!

As always, follow us on social media to be the first to hear about new collections and giveaways.

We love making your favorite glassware and gifts, contact us with any custom requests!

Santa’s Day Off

 Fill shaker with ice.

3 oz vanilla vodka

3 oz simple syrup

1/2 oz peppermint shnapps

Shake well

Pour and Enjoy!

The nice part about a martini is how easy they are to mix together. This one can be dressed up with some muddled mint, a fresh mint garnish, grenadine, or rimmed with some peppermint stick pieces, but it’s just as delicious and cooling without all the extras.

Christmas In July Mixing Spirits Giveaway

British Rebel Glass Giveaway!

Happy 4th of July American Mixers! Terry has released his mini-collection this year, it’s a fun 6 design collection that was inspired by vintage Americana. The glasses in this giveaway are mason jar style, one with a unique 3D etch of the national bird, and the other etched with the words “British Rebel Est. 1776”.  

We used Clyde May’s Straight Bourbon Whiskey for this drink, because it was what Terry has been enjoying over the last week. We recommend using your favorite bourbon, this drink highlights the taste of the alcohol.

Enter to win these fun vintage Americana glasses here.

We’re also celebrating Christmas in July with 25% off all website orders through the end of the month! Check out the shop and the new Americana line!

As always, follow us on social media to be the first to hear about new collections and giveaways.

We love making your favorite glassware and gifts, contact us with any custom requests!

British Rebel

Fill glass with ice.

5 oz Tropicana Strawberry Peach Juice

0.75 oz lime juice

2 oz your favorite bourbon


Top with club soda


Add fruit firecrackers for garnish

This drink is pretty straight forward to put together. Measure out the ingredients (or eyeball for taste), pour and stir. It’s fun, refreshing, summery feel is great to enjoy through the dog days of summer.

Vintage Americana Glass Giveaway - Mixing Spirits

Mother’s Day Giveaway

Mother's Day Butterfly Glass Giveaway

So many people we know are having babies, and we wanted to celebrate all these new moms with a fun Mother’s Day giveaway! The two glasses shown in this video are perfect for the butterfly lover in your life. They are 15 oz stemless wine glasses, each with a unique butterfly.

The drink is shown styled two ways, Mommy I’m Thirsty is perfect for the Mom-to-be or for sharing with the little ones. It packs all the flavor of this fun cherry lemonade in a non-alcoholic version. For later in the night check out the Mommy Needs A Drink, we added in some of our favorite local vodka from Valentine Distillery.

Enter to win the butterfly glasses here.

As always, follow us on social media to be the first to hear about new collections and giveaways.

We love making your favorite glassware and gifts, contact us with any custom requests!

Lemonade Base

4 cups cold water

14 oz lemon juice

1/4 cup sugar

Stir well & add ice to chill

This lemonade base is sour, and is meant to be sour to balance out the sugary sweetness from the cherry juice. If you use fresh cherry juice instead of maraschino cherry juice feel free to add sugar to taste. 

We used fresh squeezed lemon juice, which can be a lot of fun for kids that are a little older, but the store bought stuff will work as well

Mommy I’m Thirsty

Add ice to glass

2 oz maraschino cherry juice

Fill with lemonade base

Garnish and enjoy!

This version is non-alcoholic and is great for the mom-to-be who may be a suffering from morning sickness. Cut back on the maraschino cherry juice or add plain cherry juice to reduce the sweetness and make the drink a little more sour. When I was pregnant suffering from morning sickness sour candies and drinks were the only thing that made it bearable.

This version is also perfect to share with the little ones!

Mommy Needs A Drink

Add ice to glass

2 oz maraschino cherry juice

2 oz Valentine Vodka

Fill with lemonade base

Garnish and Enjoy!

After the kids go to bed a cocktail can taste really good. This one includes our favorite local vodka, but this will also work with your favorite liquor as well. I especially recommend gin for a delicious summer drink or some bourbon for more of an Arnold Palmer taste.

Valentine Distilling Co. is a local staple, opened more than 10 years ago.  They have both a tasting room, and new production facility in Ferndale, Mi. Creating craft vodka, gin, and bourbon, Valentine strives for sustainability featuring American ingenuity and manufatcuring.

You can find Valentine online on FacebookInstagram, and their website

Their tasting room is located at 161 Vester Ave in Ferndale, MI. Can’t make it to Ferndale? Find Valentine products at Meijer, Kroger, Costco, Sam’s Club, and other retailers!

Read more about their sustainability project here.

Berried In Detroit / Motor City Madness Detroit Rocks Glass Giveaway

Spring has sprung! Well, kind of…we’re still getting a lot of snow in the Detroit area. In spite of that we are feeling spring fever. Any time the temperature hits above 50 degrees we shut off the heat and open all the windows.

With spring threatening to show up it’s time for another glass giveaway! This time we’re giving away two rocks glasses, one with Motor City Gas Whiskey’s logo and another with the map of Detroit. We’ve styled Belly Up Bourbon two ways with strawberry, one if spring has come to you, and one if you’re still waiting.

Enter for a chance to win these Detroit based rocks glasses here.

As always, follow us on social media to be the first to hear about new collections and giveaways.

We love making your favorite glassware and gifts, contact us with any custom requests!

Berried In Detroit

Frozen strawberry chunks (to taste)

1.5 oz Belly Up Bourbon

5 oz Faygo Creme Soda

Fresh Muddled Strawberries (to taste)

Stir well

Garnish and Enjoy!

If you love fresh strawberries this drink is beautifully refreshing. Belly Up Bourbon from Motor City Gas Whiskey has a delightful smooth flavor that pairs well fresh ingredients. If you’re looking for other combinations make sure to stop at their Royal Oak tap room for their signature cocktails.

Motor City Madness

Strawberries and Creme Ice Cubes

1.5 oz Belly Up Bourbon

5 oz Faygo Creme Soda

Faygo Red Pop (to taste)

Stir well

Garnish and Enjoy!

This fun drink is perfect if you don’t have fresh strawberries available yet. We made some strawberries and creme ice cubes using Faygo Creme Soda, Faygo Red Pop, and frozen strawberries in our favorite ice cube tray. Keep in mind that the carbonation may cause geysers of creme soda!

Motor City Gas Whiskey opened three years ago in Royal Oak Michigan on St. Patrick’s Day. Terry and Jenn are naturally whiskey lovers, but I am a vodka girl at heart. Rich changed my mind and cultivated a love of whiskey in me with his phenomenal cocktails. They serve a seasonal menu that includes fresh ingredients, often prepared in front of you as you order. Their whiskey offerings have continued to grow each year, including basics like rye and bourbon, as well as innovations like apple pie moonshine and collaborations with local breweries.

Visit their tap room, and follow them on social media to be the first to hear about new cocktails and barrel releases.



Motor City Gas – Whiskey Website

325 E 4th Street, Royal Oak MI, 48067