I say it all the time, but one of the absolute best parts of our business is putting your memories on glassware. We love being able to give you an item that you’ll hold dear for life. Our stencil system makes it easy for us to create endless designs, and because we hand place all our stencils, and sandcarve each item individually it’s easy for us to create one of a kind items in small quantities without charging a setup fee. There are a few things to keep in mind when ordering your custom design, keep reading to make your ideas perfect every time.

We have access to the entire Adobe editing suite as we help create your glassware. Often we use Photoshop to create (or frequently recreate) the images you’re interested in ordering. Our standard sizes are three inches tall for larger glasses (pint, wine, rocks, and coffee mugs), and 1.5 inches tall for shot glasses. While we can create larger images, it’s important to keep the design and glass type in mind. Straight lines don’t curve the same at the top of a pint glass or wine glass as they do at the bottom. The image sometimes will become distorted if it’s large because of the shape of the glass. We do everything we can to ensure your design shows on the glass exactly how you envision it, and sometimes that involves working around the glass shape.

We have the luxury of being able to create extremely detailed images. The higher the initial image quality, the better detail we will be able to create on your glassware. The etching process comes out best with a high contrast, high quality, black and white initial image. The size of the glass is also important. While we can still create extremely fine details on shot glasses, the lines need to be slightly thicker and more defined the smaller the image becomes. The Aztec calendar on the shot glass works beautifully, but the image we created this design from was extremely high quality and already in black and white which is perfect for creating those highly defined lines during our blasting process.

We not only create custom designs for retail customers, but also exclusive designs for our wholesale stockists. We’ve done work with breweries, distilleries, gift shops and coffee shops all over the United States.

When we create your custom design we keep those image files. This comes in handy when a glass breaks, or if you love them so much you need more. We have realtors and marketing firms that order specific designs for their clients. When they contact us to reorder they simply need to mention their order number and we have the exact design already in our files. This isn’t just for bulk or wholesale orders, we also offer a replacement discount for our retail customers. We keep those files indefinitely so you can sleep easy, your favorite glass can always be replaced.

The number one thing to remember when ordering a custom design from us is you must have the rights to that design. There’s so many really cool fandoms out there that we would love to recreate, but without the appropriate license it would be illegal to sell their merchandise. The most frequent copyright or trademark requests are from Disney, Marvel, podcasts, songs, and TV shows. As much as we love Supernatural, My Favorite Murder, and 21 Pilots we aren’t licensed to create those items and would need written permission from the creator to do so. If you do have proper permission to create those items please don’t be afraid to contact us. We have created custom designs for quite a few podcast creators, business owners, and musicians; please be prepared for us to verify the validity of your request and have the appropriate written permission ready when you order.

We look forward to creating your favorite glassware this year!


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