What is Sand Carving?Compass glass - Nautical glass

Sand Carving is the process used to etch designs into several different types of materials. Sand carving allows for depth and multi level etchings.


What materials can be sand carved?

We can carve glass, wood, ceramic, stone, and crystal to name a few. We can also etch metal.

Can you etch….?

If you can scratch it we can etch it.

Can you etch a custom design?

We welcome custom designs. All custom designs must be free of any copyright or trademarks.

I own a trademark design can you create the glass for me?

We do work with several people and companies who own copyrights and trademarks. We require written permission from the owner of the design before we can create your design.

Do you do wholesale?

We work with retail shops coast to coast and have worked with several companies to create unique promotional items. If your looking for a wholesale account you can sign up for onehere.

What about laser engraving?

Lasers do some things very well and some things OK. Glass is one of the things that lasers are OK at. When it comes to wood and plastic lasers are a great tool for the job.