Jenn is the quintessential gamer; board games, video games, card games, table top games…she’s always ready to win. She’s sarcastic, fun, a great artist, and has such a big heart. She handles all of our custom requests with so much care, putting your memories on glassware. She moonlights as a video game expert and the general manager (High Guardian of the East Tower according to the owner) at the best gaming lounge in Metro Detroit, LFG Royal Oak. This week’s gift ideas were picked by Jenn, and are perfect to make all your gaming friends winners.

SLH Wood Designs is run by Shelley Hennigar out of Canada. She creates beautiful, handmade wooden items, and by far Jenn’s favorite is the euchre set. Euchre is a Michigan staple and Jenn’s dad was a euchre master. We can’t play at home because both Jenn and Terry know my tells too well and I lose every hand, no matter who I have for a partner!

You can find SLH Wood Designs on Etsy, Instagram, and Facebook

Every tabletop gamer needs a phenomenal dice bag. Jenn doesn’t play D&D right now with as busy as she has been over the last few years, but the nerd life is in her blood and I know when the time is right she’ll join the right group. In the meantime, this beautiful dice bag from Words Remember is one of many fun items to keep the LARPer in your life happy.

Follow Words Remember on Facebook, Instagram, Etsy and their website for the newest leather items for the LARPer in your life.

This design was made specifically for me by Jenn. I’m notorious for button mashing because I can’t bother to figure out all those confusing controller buttons. I do pretty well on Smash Bros as long as I’m Yoshi and can turn people into egg poop, but that doesn’t result in any good will from my friends that actually play video games.

This design can include a name in the trophy, up to 5 letters, or a name on the back. If there’s another (non-trademarked and non-licensed) idea that you have for your favorite gamer let Jenn know. She loves to create all things gamer nerd.

The last idea in this post is a fabulous board game tracker from Daft Concepts. The design is a fun way to keep track of which games you’ve played and how many times you’ve played, perfect for the family of game enthusiasts. In our house we play Cards Against Humanity, Clue, and Villainous, along with games like Go Fish for the small child in the house.

Follow Daft Concepts on Instagram, Facebook, Etsy and their website for all their great products. Most importantly enjoy your year of games with your family!

So many gamer ideas are trademarked and licensed products without permission, our goal at Mixing Spirits is to put your memories and ideas on glassware without crossing any legal lines. Jenn is amazing at creating the perfect design every time. Email us at or email Jenn directly at to create your favorite gamer’s gift today! Today’s honorable mention gift is this super fun gaymer shirt, perfect for the gaymer in your life.

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