Terry is the most ridiculous, practical, helpful human being I have ever met in my entire life. He collects things in his life that are extremely high quality and useful, and loves an item that serves more than one purpose. He’s probably the worst person to purchase a gift for if that gift isn’t beer or whiskey. This week’s list are items that he’s purchased previously or top his wish list.

Every guy that likes to travel deserves a great travel bag for his toiletries. Terry’s a soap and water kind of guy when he travels, but even a soap and water guy likes a few luxuries. Kruk Garage has this wonderful Dopp kit that can be found on their website and Etsy, as well as a bunch of other “man’s man” gifts for the guy that appreciates quality luxury items.

Follow them on Instagram and Facebook for updates!

As an Eagle Scout Terry appreciates a great fire. Iron Ram Forge creates flint fire starting kits that are perfect for any winter camp out. While I think he’s out of his mind for camping in winter, any time spent in nature gives Terry a sense of clarity he doesn’t find anywhere else.

There are so many other items from Iron Ram Forge that will make your camp outs easier for those of us that aren’t Eagle Scouts and Camp Masters. Check them out on Facebook and Instagram!

By the time I met Terry 11 years ago my obnoxiously lovable black cat Pantalimon was 5 and solidly into his crabby teen years. Terry wears a hearing aid and I take medicine at night, which resulted in prime mess making options for him. We’d wake up in the morning and Terry’s hearing aid would have been batted across the room, and my water spilled all over the floor. While a ManStand wouldn’t have stopped my water from getting spilled it would have stopped the hearing hunt every morning.

When a company has a perfect product they don’t need a ton of options. Find ManStands on their website, Etsy, Facebook, and Instagram. 

Speaking of whiskey, a local craft whiskey is always a welcome gift for Terry. Our favorite local bottles come from Motor City Gas in Royal Oak, Valentine Distilling in Ferndale, and drifting a little further, Traverse City Whiskey Co from Traverse City.

Our custom flasks or rocks glasses are perfect for the whiskey lover in your life, with their favorite bottle, of course!

Terry is the most picky wallet owner I’ve ever known in my life. He’s owned the trifold wallet from Unus Leather for 6 months and I’ve never heard a single complaint. He had it personalized with his initials and has had so many compliments. This was the best purchase we made all year and still looks brand new.

Hopefully you have a few ideas for the man’s man in your life that cares about quality over quantity. Next week we’re talking about wine!

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