Mardi Gras is the decadent end to Carnival season, which begins on King’s Day (January 6, a constant date in honor of the Magi’s visit to the Christ child). Mardi Gras always lands on the Tuesday before Ash Wednesday, which means that every year the date is different. It’s roots begin in Europe as the last day of opulence before the fasting of Lent. While there are official Mardi Gras colors, there is no official Mardi Gras celebration because it is a holiday that belongs to all. In the United States the most recognizable celebration of Mardi Gras fun happens in New Orleans. The official New Orleans Mardi Gras website is set up to help you plan your trip, teach you the history of the holiday, and keep everyone up to date on parade routes and celebration hot spots.

If you’re like me and prefer to celebrate away from all the crowds here’s a few items that can help make your Mardi Gras celebration a little more festive.

Lex is the mastermind behind Cajun Creations by Lex. She does costume design, sewing, and these amazing shoes that everyone should own to bring some spice to their Mardi Gras celebration. She comes from Southern Louisiana and loves Mardi Gras and Halloween. You can also find her items on Etsy.

Jazz up your Mardi Gras outfit with these beautiful tinsel tassel earrings from Wired Wearables Co on Etsy. You can follow her for pre-orders in Instagram so you never miss a fabulous pair of earrings!

My favorite pre-lent debauchery glass in our collection is this funny Jesus touched my water wine glass. It’ll add a touch of class to any Mardi Gras fun!

Of course, a Mardi Gras party isn’t complete without the masquerade. Check out the incredibly talented Dazzling Girl DIY Shop on Etsy for the perfect masks.

In Detroit it’s not Fat Tuesday without pączki. We’re honored to live near mainstays like Hamtramck’s New Martha Washington Bakery and New Palace Bakery, as well as Dutch Girl Donuts in Detroit. You’ll need to order ahead or line up early, these decadent pastries always go fast!

Hopefully you have a few fun ideas for how to incorporate some Mardi Gras fun into your day, whether or not you can dedicate the whole day to the celebration.


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