Mother's Day Butterfly Glass Giveaway

So many people we know are having babies, and we wanted to celebrate all these new moms with a fun Mother’s Day giveaway! The two glasses shown in this video are perfect for the butterfly lover in your life. They are 15 oz stemless wine glasses, each with a unique butterfly.

The drink is shown styled two ways, Mommy I’m Thirsty is perfect for the Mom-to-be or for sharing with the little ones. It packs all the flavor of this fun cherry lemonade in a non-alcoholic version. For later in the night check out the Mommy Needs A Drink, we added in some of our favorite local vodka from Valentine Distillery.

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Lemonade Base

4 cups cold water

14 oz lemon juice

1/4 cup sugar

Stir well & add ice to chill

This lemonade base is sour, and is meant to be sour to balance out the sugary sweetness from the cherry juice. If you use fresh cherry juice instead of maraschino cherry juice feel free to add sugar to taste. 

We used fresh squeezed lemon juice, which can be a lot of fun for kids that are a little older, but the store bought stuff will work as well

Mommy I’m Thirsty

Add ice to glass

2 oz maraschino cherry juice

Fill with lemonade base

Garnish and enjoy!

This version is non-alcoholic and is great for the mom-to-be who may be a suffering from morning sickness. Cut back on the maraschino cherry juice or add plain cherry juice to reduce the sweetness and make the drink a little more sour. When I was pregnant suffering from morning sickness sour candies and drinks were the only thing that made it bearable.

This version is also perfect to share with the little ones!

Mommy Needs A Drink

Add ice to glass

2 oz maraschino cherry juice

2 oz Valentine Vodka

Fill with lemonade base

Garnish and Enjoy!

After the kids go to bed a cocktail can taste really good. This one includes our favorite local vodka, but this will also work with your favorite liquor as well. I especially recommend gin for a delicious summer drink or some bourbon for more of an Arnold Palmer taste.

Valentine Distilling Co. is a local staple, opened more than 10 years ago.  They have both a tasting room, and new production facility in Ferndale, Mi. Creating craft vodka, gin, and bourbon, Valentine strives for sustainability featuring American ingenuity and manufatcuring.

You can find Valentine online on FacebookInstagram, and their website

Their tasting room is located at 161 Vester Ave in Ferndale, MI. Can’t make it to Ferndale? Find Valentine products at Meijer, Kroger, Costco, Sam’s Club, and other retailers!

Read more about their sustainability project here.

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