This week was spent preparing for Friday’s giveaway, so there wasn’t much chance to prepare a “local feature” for today. No worries though, I have a feature in my back pocket from Chicago.

On Sunday morning our plans had fallen through and we were driving towards Marz to pick up some beer on our way home. Unfortunately they don’t open until noon, because not everyone drinks like a Wisconsin native in our country, so we had a couple hours to kill. I hopped on Google maps to find “breakfast near Marz Brewing”. One of the diners suggested was Nana’s. The pictures didn’t do it justice and we decided to go because “eh, it looked alright enough for some eggs”.

As we parked down the street on the cloudy, gross, rainy morning the weather did not improve my first impression. It’s obvious the building has been there a while, and the awning looked kind of tired in the mid-morning weather. When we walked in it was obvious we were severely underdressed in my moccasin slippers and Terry’s pink graphic t-shirt.

The waiter was phenomenally kind and knowledgeable, recommending some crowd favorites. That was about the time that we realized it wasn’t a typical American diner, but had a traditional Mexican spin. We ordered the avocado fries as an appetizer, and I fell in love. They were the perfect amount of crispy and melty, with a gorgeous chipotle-lime aioli. It was the perfect beginning to the best brunch I’ve ever had in my life. (Image from Nana’s Google page. My photo did no justice to the beautiful dish.)

For the main course I ordered the Nanadict (image on the left) and Terry ordered the huevos rancheros (image on the right). Both of these dishes were better than anything I’d eaten in ages.

Edgar is the most picky of the three of us, being six he gets a little leeway with food. He opted for the egg in the nest and was very cautious about trying it. Once he took the first bite the rest was gone so fast there is no picture of his meal. He loved it so much we’ve been working to recreate the dish at home. So far Edgar’s assessment is they’re good but not anything like Nana’s.

If you’re ever in the Bridgeport district of Chicago looking for an amazing meal, I highly recommend Nana’s. Next time we’re in the area we’re definitely planning to head their way, dressed more appropriately and better prepared for the delicious explosion of flavor.

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