A new year often brings a desire for a completely new you. Either this is going to be the year you hit your ideal weight, you’re going to eat healthier, that novel is going to get written, or your debt is going to be paid off and that dream vacation is right in your grasp. A lot of these goals require work, patience and diligence. The best way to accomplish the big goals is to practice self care to cultivate an atmosphere that is calm and capable. This week’s items are exactly what you need to keep those goals in your sights.

One of the best things you can do for self care is keep your skin comfortable. Winter often becomes uncomfortable as dry air sucks the moisture out of skin. Kitty’s Apothecary offers a wide range of lotions that are designed by someone that created products out of necessity and found a formulation that was too good not to share. She has a wide range of products that include magnesium, which have holistic uses for improving sleep, soothing muscle tension, and improving blood flow, which can contribute to relieving migraines. You can follow her work on Instagram and Facebook, as well as her Etsy shop, Tumblr and website

Tea is deeply ingrained in the human experience as an escape, a coping mechanism, and a method of calming the mind. As Sheldon Cooper so often stated in The Big Bang Theory, when someone is upset you offer a hot beverage. The calming temperature can help soothe the hands as they hold the perfect mug, the scents from the herbs stimulate brain activity to respond by calming, energizing, or warming, the warm liquid creates the sensation of an internal hug as it flows down the throat…all of this and more is understood by Leandra, who runs The Witchwood Teahouse. She’s a master of her craft and offers all kinds of tea varieties. You can find her on Facebook, Instagram, her blog, Etsy and her website (linked above). Tea is the perfect way to include some self care in all parts of your day, whether you’re just waking up, getting back into the swing of things at work, or heading to bed.

Speaking of heading back to work, I’m in my first full week back since the holiday break. While break was wonderful, and allowed me to taste the phenomenal beer offered by the Windy City, it is nice to be back to my normal routine. One of my favorite parts about work is my morning coffee, but in light of my own resolutions I’ve switched to tea. I’ve found some delightful lavender black tea that is a great coffee substitute. One thing I didn’t change was my mug. These mugs are the perfect fit for my hand, cool the drink down at just the right rate for drinkability, and can be customized for your own goals. You can find our mug selections here.

One of the risks of winter is the dreaded cold. While getting knocked out by one of this year’s mucus machines can be detrimental to working towards those new year’s goals, shower steamers are great for helping the recovery process along. There’s all kinds of options on the market for bath bombs, but I’ve never been one to take baths. The tub is never long enough, the water never deep enough, and it’s honestly uncomfortable trying to maneuver out of the tub once the water has become frigid. I’ve always been a scalding hot, lobster red shower girl. These wonderful Cold Kicker shower steamers are made by The Herbal Zen and can be found in their Etsy shop. You can also follow them on Instagram and Facebook for up to date information on new products. 

One of my all time favorite pampering gifts was an eye pillow from Nana’s Escentuals. It was in a yoga self care kit my sister prepared for Christmas in 2018 and it gave me everything I never knew I wanted. Combining this eye pillow with some beautiful aromatherapy is the perfect way to wind down after a long day of being a #girlboss. My sister is a yoga and self care expert, who regularly vacations in ashrams around the world. While that is definitely not my style, the luxury that she gifted me from Nana’s Escentuals Etsy shop has been a critical part of my nighttime winding down routine and relaxation time. Follow this wonderful shop on Instagram and Facebook to keep up with their latest news!

There you have it, my best advice for accomplishing this year’s big goals? Slow down a little, take some deep relaxing breaths, and make sure you fill your cup faster than you’re draining it.


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