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The perfect wedding glassware can feel like finding a unicorn that poops glitter and farts rainbows. Everything is too fancy, or extra hipster, too laid back, has too much of a sickly “in love” vibe, or feels too casual. That’s where we come in, we have cultivated our whole sand carving vibe on creating YOUR favorite glasses, putting YOUR memories on glass, and creating a perfect set just for you.

Glass design created from custom bridal shower invitations with mason jars and flowers

First, the budget.

There are so many different ways to create your perfect wedding glasses. We have couples that order a set (or two!) just for them, many couples order glasses for their whole bridal party (either for the elaborate bridal party proposal, or for toasting glasses on the big day), we also have couples with larger budgets that order glassware as their wedding favors for all of their guests. While it seems like the first thing to figure out is a design the process actually begins as early as deciding your budget.

There are a wide range of glass options, our standard glassware is ordered from Libbey. We keep several different styles of glasses on hand, all of which come with a range of price points. Are you having a big wedding or a more intimate ceremony? Is your heart set on having glasses as your favor, or just a few for your bridal party? These are big considerations as your planning your budget for your wedding. While we do offer bulk discounts the price point of custom hand etched glassware can be a bit of a sticker shock. Once you figure out what works within your budget we can easily work as a team to put together your perfect wedding glass design.

One of the most frequent questions we receive from LGBTQ+ customers ordering for their wedding is “can we order (two brides, two grooms, non-gendered, gender neutral) glassware?” 100% yes, when we say we make your favorite wedding glassware we mean it. Your love story is unique to you and that’s what we want to highlight for your big day.

Finding your perfect glass

Once the budget is sorted out the next question is how often do you intend on using your glasses? Long before Mixing Spirits was even a thought in our mind Terry and I got married. One of my wedding gifts to him was a set of 4 “real” wine glasses. I bought them at a big box store known for engraving, and was given three or four options for designs. I picked the monogram design and had five font options, and when they arrived I was thrilled. Those glasses haven’t been touched in over a decade except to move from one location to another, or hang them from the ceiling to prevent them from breaking. In fact, as I type this they are completely covered in dust…I probably should pull them down and wash them. (Check out Instagram for the disgusting picture.) Fast forward 10 years, I would have picked a completely different style of glass and a much more “us” design.

Step two for selecting your perfect toasting glasses – What glasses will you use? Are you beer drinkers? Wine? Whiskey? Maybe you’re looking for the champagne flutes you can pull down on New Year’s Eve and your anniversary. Maybe you don’t drink alcohol at all and you prefer a juice glass instead. With glasses from us there is no risk in using them, if they break we keep your design on hand for replacements. If you’re looking for your wedding party or for wedding favors really consider what you’re going to be serving at your wedding. Will there be champagne? Craft beer? Maybe you’re looking to give them a shot glass that can function as their escort card and be kept for years to come.

Finally, the design!

Now that you’ve figured out what fits in your budget, and what kind of glasses you, your bridal party, and your guests will use, next is the design! This is the fun part because with our process the ideas are limitless*! Are you working with a calligrapher or graphic designer to create your invitations? That’s a fabulous place to start for creating a design that will follow your perfectly curated wedding theme. Is there something special about your love story that would make a great memory? We’ve had couples that met in a bicycle club, couples that love boating, tabletop gaming, music…whatever makes your love story yours we can put it on glassware.

If you have an idea for your design, or are working with an artist for your wedding theme send us those images, fonts, and ideas and we can create a proof for your approval.

If you don’t have an idea send us an email anyway, let us know what kind of glass you’re looking for, what kind of wedding you’re having (small, big, casual, black tie, open bar, Halloween themed, Christmas themed, etc…) and what makes your relationship perfect. We will create a few designs for you to review and provide feedback. Typically when we create the design based on your information it takes three or four design brainstorming emails to find your perfect wedding glass design. After you love the design your order will go into our production queue!

*All copyright and licensed items require express permission from the copyright and license holder for use.

Our favorite part of this job is creating your favorite glassware, creating memories for you to enjoy for years to come. The perfect wedding glasses are one of those pesky details that can get lost in the shuffle, and we completely understand how many other things are on your plate as the bride and groom to be. Let us take some of that stress off your shoulders and help create your perfect day.


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