So far this Valentine’s Day we’ve had fun ideas that were teenager friendly, Galentine’s ideas, and kid’s ideas. If you’re still struggling to find the right gift for your sweetheart check out these fun DIY ideas to heat things up in the bedroom!

DIY scratch off cards are so much fun. Krista over at While He was Napping has some really fun printables in her Etsy shop that are perfect for Valentine’s gifts. Pictured are the Date night cards, and she has some other fun ideas that I’ll be including in this post for other games. As I was looking for ideas for this particular post I kept ending up in Krista’s Etsy shop or on her blog, so this week is really all about Krista making it all about you.

In order to make the scratch off portion of these gifts it’s important to have a few things on hand. When using regular paper cover the scratch off area with clear packing tape after printing your design. This will help your design stay on the paper rather than washing off.

Acrylic paint will work best for this application, it dries harder and more brittle than other types of paint. Combine 2 parts paint with 1 part dish soap and mix well. This will water down the paint and make the first coat very sheer, it will dry quickly and you’ll be able to add layers to make the paint more opaque. The more layers you have the better the “scratch off” portion will work, three to five layers is optimal.

Once you’ve created and gifted your scratch gift it’s time to have fun!

It feels like we have 8 Jenga games hanging around our house. It’s completely ridiculous, and I feel like they multiply on their own. Every time I turn around there’s at least two Jenga sets in the game closet, one in the kids room, and two in our travelling game box. This is a super fun repurposing of the game we can’t seem to get out of our house.

You can find Krista’s blog post about creating this game on her website, and she offers printables in her Etsy shop.

My last favorite idea from Krista is an at home spa date night. As a parent sometimes being able to stay home together without the child is the most luxurious, romantic thing I can imagine. There’s no need to dress up, no one cares if I have makeup on my face, and if it’s a spa night I may even use a sheet mask to make my face look ridiculous while it’s being hydrated.

Check out Krista’s blog post on how to design your perfect spa date night if you need ideas, and you can even get her massage coupons in her Etsy shop.

Hopefully some of these ideas help get the creative juice flowing if you still need help coming up with the perfect gift for your sweetheart. It was a slightly different format today with a lot of love for While He Was Napping, her ideas are a ton of fun. She has lots of fun ideas through her website for the whole family and house. I definitely recommend checking her stuff out!


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