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Your wedding should be unique, just like you. The spring wedding trends for 2020 are all about letting your personality shine through! Check out the fun ideas below for some inspiration for your own big day!

Eco Friendly Options

One of the biggest wedding trends is sustainability and being friendlier to the environment. I like to think this is less a “trend” as it is a shift in society to see our planet thrive. One of the worst traditions for the environment is the celebration of the bride and groom as they leave the ceremony. This has taken many forms over the years, throwing rice, releasing balloons, setting off those paper lanterns that start fires… an amazing solution to this is eco-friendly confetti!

These seed packets would be perfect for a local wildflower and an outdoor wedding, or as a favor for your guests to plant and remember how your love blooms.

In order to keep this favor sustainable and eco friendly it’s probably best to check in with a local florist for this option. They’ll have resources to help you pick the perfect wild flower option for your area. As a side bonus a lot of those wild flower packets have plants that help support the dwindling bee population.

While we’re on the topic of sustainability and flora, many couples are opting out of the extravagant cut floral centerpieces in favor of plants. The Styrofoam used to create those gorgeous floral centerpieces is terrible for the environment, and the flowers never live longer than a few weeks anyways. With gorgeous planter options like this one from Vallari Decor you can create unique centerpieces everyone will want to take home and love for years to come!

Unique Touches

Unique personalized touches are so important to any wedding, and they are definitely trending again this year. One thing that’s on the rise is gifting your guests a functional escort card. These stunning coasters from Plum Grove Design are a perfect way to remind your guests how much you love them, while they celebrate with you.

There’s so many fun options for personalized escort cards, wooden coasters, ornaments, chopsticks, glassware, the possibilities are endless and fit a wide variety of budgets. This is one of the items a calligrapher like Leah E Moss Designs can help you coordinate as your planning the little extras.

Personalized glassware is a fun way to add your personality to your ceremony. We’ve created shot glasses, champagne flutes, and ornaments as guest favors, and a wide variety of bridal party glassware and gifts. On Friday we’ll talk more about how to create and order your favorite glassware for your big day. We’ll be expanding into other styles of items as well with the new laser!

Colorful Wedding Dresses

One of the most exciting spring wedding trends is the colorful wedding dress. When my husband and I had our first wedding (the one with the legal paperwork) I wore a short cream dress with black floral embellishments. On our one year anniversary wedding (the one with the cake and pomp and circumstance for me) I wore a purple satin dress with a shimmering sheer white overlay. I’ve never regretted wearing a non-traditional wedding dress. It made my day unique and added to the ambiance I wanted to create. 

Our Stories Bridal has some really wonderful traditional white bridal gowns, but where they shine is the unique colorful fairy tale gowns like this one made of pink tulle. It’s your day and you deserve to feel more beautiful than ever. Don’t be restricted by the traditional dress if you can’t find one you love. This years spring wedding trends say color is queen.

This year’s wedding is all about you! While you’re planning your wedding don’t forget that everyone you invite is there to celebrate your unique love story. Check out Monday’s blog for tips on how to find the right experts to guide you through the planning process.

See you on Friday for some bridal glassware fun! Can’t wait until Friday? Here’s our custom glassware listing or email us to help create your perfect wedding glassware.


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