Every year we hang out at home to watch the Superbowl. Terry enjoys the football game, but I’m only in it for the commercials. Why do you tune in?

This year there was quite a few more serious themes in the commercials that were extremely important. The theme of female empowerment in the Olay commercials, the Secret commercial, and the Microsoft commercial was phenomenal.  Check out the article written by Nancy Armour for USA Today to read more.

Also I loved the mention of the UW Veterinary school that calls for donations to their groundbreaking research. UW is an excellent school for a lot of programs and anything that can support saving more animals is great in my book. Donate to the program here, or read more about this commercial here from Madison’s own NBC 15.

The running theme of “later” from Tide was very enjoyable. I love when companies continue a story in that way, particularly when they collaborate with other companies. That love of collaboration is part of why the Wednesday gift posts are so fun for me to write. With no further ado, in no particular order here are my favorite (funny) Superbowl commercials for 2020

For me this year’s Superbowl was much better than previous years. The halftime show was energetic and visually stunning, the commercials were funnier, and it was fun to hang out and watch all the commentary online. What did you think of this year’s commercials? Did you think the game was good? I don’t really follow sports so I can’t comment on that.

See you Wednesday! It’ll be a some fun last minute gifts for your sweetheart for Valentine’s day.


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