Hip Happening Hazel Park

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Hazel Park is known as “The Friendly City” and the community lives up to that name, even as our traditionally blue collar town is transitioning to an up-and-coming hot spot. Mixing Spirits has called Hazel Park home from the beginning, and Terry’s family has roots here all the way back to the 1960’s. The business owners work together, our city council is an open forum for citizens to discuss local happenings, and the shift from the blue collar roots to Hip, Happening Hazel Park is one that’s driven by the wonderful sense of community.

The James Beard Award nominees have recently been announced and Hazel Park’s own James Rigato has gotten another nod for the delicious dishes available at Mabel Gray. Youngblood’s is a phenomenal barbershop, the art from Red Oaks Tattoo Company is beautiful…there’s so much happening in our friendly community just north of Detroit.

With so many new exciting businesses let’s highlight Kozy Lounge today. They have been a Hazel Park staple for nearly 6 decades, and this transition is a perfect time to show off their delicious food and draw in some new customers.

Last year Kozy Lounge won Eastern Market’s 5th annual burger competition as a first time entry, and we’re lucky enough to live right around the corner! Kozy won that competition with their delicious Katburger, a delightful combination of juicy burger, swiss cheese, bacon, and just the right amount of heat from jalapeno peppers.

One of the best parts of Kozy Lounge is how they appeal to a wide variety of customers. Terry, Jenn, and I are craft beer and distillery fans, but we understand that not everyone cares for that drink style. Kozy Lounge has local Michigan brews available, but they also carry staples like Miller and Budwiser, and a wide variety of liquor. If the spice of the jalapeno burger doesn’t appeal they have a full menu of bar staples available as well. 

This year’s competition for Michigan’s Best Burger is already underway with Kozy Lounge listed as a nominee, and I’m looking forward to this years entry into the Eastern Market competition. Detroit is extremely supportive of local businesses, and local business owners work together to ensure we’re all successful…but everyone loves a little competition, right? May the best burger win!

On Wednesday this week we’ll look at some ways to make your St. Patrick’s day celebration a little more authentic, and learn a little more about the history of the holiday. On Friday I’m excited to tell you about our newest equipment addition (a sweet laser!), and the differences in etching techniques.

See you soon!