Best Friends…From A Distance

Clinking Glasses

As we’re navigating uncharted territory in the United States, and around the world, with the current Covid-19 pandemic, Mixing Spirits is still open for business. We’re all still healthy and under strong recommendations to participate in extreme social distancing. In some ways we’re much luckier than previous generations. Our 6 year old will likely have many people from around the country singing him happy birthday in April, in spite of postponing his party, because of social media. We can easily FaceTime, use Facebook Messenger, or Skype to connect with family and friends all over the world. This pandemic continues to show that community isn’t a forgotten relic of the past. As local, country, and global communities we’re cheering each other on and supporting one another more than I’ve witnessed in my lifetime. People are working out together from rooftops and balconies, filling the streets with song from above, sharing and supporting local businesses, and reconnecting with friends. It’s beautiful to watch.

In our area Michigan By the Bottle is doing online wine tastings following in the footsteps of The Joyful Wino. Distilleries and breweries that are still allowed to do carryout bottle sales and growler fills are seeing community support. Near us Redline Brewing Company, River Rouge Brewing Company, Motor City Gas Whiskey, Cadillac Straits, LFG Royal Oak and Detroit Fleat are a few of our favorites that are still offering pickup or delivery services. Small businesses make up the fabric of our communities, and now more than ever, they need community support.

While you’re supporting your favorite local small businesses keep your friend nights in tact by enjoying your drinks in custom glasses. Our best friend sets have been a huge part in the lives of friends that are separated by college, military service, and jobs, and are the perfect addition to responsible drinking with appropriate social distancing. As always we LOVE creating your perfect glassware and are willing to customize the design to honor your friendship. We’ve had several customers contact us with glassware requests that poke fun at the absurdity of the pandemic. Let us know how we can help you feel more connected to your friends during this strange time. We’re still working and will be shipping orders as long as the post office is still running. Check out this blog post for how Covid-19 is affecting us. Also, don’t forget to enter this month’s giveaway! You have until Sunday March 22 to win the fun green wine glasses!

Stay healthy Mixers!


2 pint cassette boombox
2 pint set ship and anchor