April Giveaway!

Sand Carved Heart Glass

Now that it’s been a month we’re all starting to go a little stir crazy, especially when there’s kids involved. We’ve decided to include the kids in our April giveaway with this fun science lesson in a glass. April’s giveaway drink video has fun colors, tastes delicious, and can be modified for a 21+ happy hour!

If the kids love this idea and you’re looking for more information there is quite a bit of alternates available, plus some information for them to create their own concoctions! Check out this list of specific gravities from MSU, another experiment from Science Bob, and yet another from Inspiration Laboratories. There’s something incredibly satisfying about the visual results from liquid density experiments.

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Pulp free orange juice


Club Soda

Blue Food Coloring

Rainbow Cheer Drink Ingredients


Add 8 ounces of orange juice to the glass. (For a more mature version of this beverage you could add a shot or two of your favorite oj mixer.)

Slowly pour 0.5 ounces of grenadine in the glass and allow to settle. The density of grenadine is higher than the density of pulp free orange juice and it will settle on the bottom of the glass.

For the next part add some blue food coloring to the club soda, it only takes a drop. The density of the club soda is less than the density of the orange juice so when you pour it into the glass the blue will combine with the orange juice and turn green and the rest will float on top to finish the rainbow! We used a spoon to make sure the club soda wasn’t poured too quickly. (If you’re looking for the mom & dad version you could also add liquor to this section…kind of like a rainbow long island.)

Blogging has fallen by the wayside as we’ve adjusted to the new normal of being home more often, and being incredibly busy but what better way to come back than an April giveaway?  Our Amazon Handmade shop, Etsy shop, and website orders have been busy with a lot of custom requests. It’s been a wonderful distraction, and we’re so happy to still be creating your favorite glassware. Top sellers have currently been our best friend sets, hand print designs, and, as always, your phenomenal unique ideas. (If you’re interested in the hand print glasses and need some instruction check out this blog post.)

Our house is still safe, and we still have access to all of our materials. Our local mail carriers are still working as hard as ever, and we’re all taking this seriously to be able to provide your favorite glassware as safely as possible.

Stay safe Mixers, and I look forward to writing again soon!


Sláinte! St. Patrick’s Day Giveaway!

Two green wine glasses, one with a trinity knot and one with a rose in the middle of the trinity knot

March 2020 has come with many surprises, but we should still celebrate the holidays the best we can. St Patrick’s Day is a staple holiday in so many households and the meaning of the holiday should be honored. For our part we’re continuing with our giveaway, these two fun green glasses are etched with the trinity knot, one with a rose in the middle and one without.

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1.5 oz Irish Whiskey

Fresh Lime Juice to taste

Fill with Vernors Ginger Ale