Gifts for Kids

Who better to pick out kid gifts than the most energetic, compassionate, insightful boy I have ever met? Our son helps out both around the house and with our production, he’s always willing to get his hands dirty. He loves animals and is such a beautiful soul, always wanting to get his friends gifts. When I asked him to help me sift through all of the kid options for this blog post he was thrilled to give his unique perspective for presents.

The first gift Edgar chose was this beautiful children’s drawing necklace from Caitlyn Minimalist on Etsy. It was chosen with his friend Aubrey in mind, he knows how much she loves to show off her artwork.

Caitlyn Minimalist is a jeweler based in Los Angeles California with a focus on completely personalized items. The Caitlyn Minimalist team includes several designers with a background in high end jewelry to ensure each customer’s memory is captured perfectly.

You can find their wonderful pieces on Etsy, Amazon Handmade, and follow their updates on Instagram and Facebook.

This year Edgar is in first grade and his teacher is extremely forward thinking. The result is a class that learns because they enjoy learning, and one of Edgar’s favorite concepts is the “cozy space”. There are several different types of learning spaces in their classroom, including a tent that is filled with pillows. This playhouse from Domestic Objects is available both on their website and their Etsy shop. They also have some really adorable camping felt items that are perfect for imaginative play for kids of all ages. Check out their Instagram and Facebook for updates.

Edgar has been a dinosaur enthusiast since the day he was born. When he saw these dinosaurs from Mommy’s Gift Shop he immediately thought of my friend’s 6 month old Asher. His goal is to be the most famous paleontologist in the world, and the best way to accomplish his goal is to spread the love of dinosaurs far and wide.

This set is also available on Etsy, and you can follow the shop for updates on Instagram and Facebook. The toys are made in Croatia by a husband and wife team that began their shop to create wonderful wooden toys that stimulated children’s creativity.

In addition to our larger glass types we offer extremely sturdy 8 ounce juice glasses and, Edgar’s current favorite glass, the 11 ounce rocks glass. Both glasses fit well in kids hands, Edgar gets so excited to use his favorite glass. We offer the kid’s artwork design, as well as many other kid approved designs, including Edgar’s very own dinosaur line. We also offer completely custom designs so if your little one has a specific design in mind contact Jenn at to create your kid’s favorite glass!

These fun Doodle Dolls from Livi Lou & Co reminded Edgar of his cousins Madi and Vicky. Madi loves to swim and Vicky and Edgar had a great time coloring together when his cousins came to visit. Of course, this selection was made easier when he realized Livi Lou & Co have a dinosaur version of this set as well.

You can find updates for this shop on Instagram and Facebook. Livi Lou & Co is run by Mary Jo in Illinois USA. She loves bringing unique hand sewn gifts and clothing to life.