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Bookish Gifts Mixing Spirits 2019 Holiday Gift Guide

Terry, Jenn, and I read voraciously, and that love of reading is translating to the child in our house as well. We read everything; scifi, romance, thrillers, biography, science texts…you name a genre one of us has enjoyed something from it.Β 

This past year I participated in the PopSugar reading challenge and it was so much fun. I read genres and authors for prompts that I probably wouldn’t have picked up otherwise. One of my favorites this year was The Night Circus, Erin Morgenstern’s 2011 debut novel. It was like a slow waltz where the main character wasn’t a person at all, it was the development of the circus over time. It danced beautifully from beginning to end, and I didn’t want to leave.

On Monday PopSugar released the 2020 reading challenge and I’m excited all over again. In honor of the new challenge release here are some fabulous bookish gifts!

For those of us that have to lug around heavy textbooks (I’m looking at you fellow science types!) an e-reader can be a huge weight off our backs, literally. Luckily Kelly Connor Designs makes punny covers for us! She also has fun tote bags for those that still frequent book stores and libraries for that one of a kind smell. You can find her on Etsy (link above) and on Instagram.

Packagery is a fun stamp company run by Caitlin out of Seattle WA. She has quite a few options to label your books for those that still prefer paper to e-reader. This would be perfect for the younger readers that love to cart their books to school, there will be no question where they belong! Her work is beautiful and you can follow her on Facebook and Pinterest, as well as on her blog.

I’ve loved hearing your ideas for shops to share and gift themes. Keep the ideas coming! We have quite a few weeks left before the holidays!