Redline Brewing Company

Doug Grover is the owner and brewer of Redline Brewing Company in Burton Michigan, who will be celebrating 4 years in business next weekend. Doug is an expert in his craft and not afraid to bend the rules to make the perfect beer. His phenomenal experimentation has resulted in many beers that are completely unusual. One of my favorites is Taco Crusher, which tastes exactly like a taco in a glass. It shouldn’t be delicious, but the combination of tequila soaked jalapeno, peppercorn, and cilantro brings to mind an adult version of Jelly Belly. To further the analogy, Holy Cannoli is the perfect adult cannoli, sweet and decadent. He also nails the perfect standard beer as well. Terry’s Cherry was a beautifully rich cherry wheat, his belgian witbier are always on point, and the IPA’s are hoppy with a fun twist on the traditional style. He’s even ventured into the Grand Cru world, which is my favorite style, and it is worth the hour drive from Detroit. Doug is creative, tenacious, and it’s always a pleasure to spend an evening with all the servers in his tap room.

You can read about the beginning of Redline’s story on MLive, keep track of the taps on Untapped, follow his website for updated information, and keep track of events on Facebook.

Along with the delicious beer and excellent company there’s always something fun happening at Redline Brewing Company. He has bands playing almost every weekend and food trucks hanging out regularly too. We try to make it up for most of his parties, and the crowd never disappoints. Follow Redline on Facebook to keep up with all the fun activities happening.

With all the fun happenings you would never guess that Redline has had their share of hardship. Not too long after Doug first opened 4 years ago a fire devastated their first location, there have been break-ins, and broken furnaces, and experimental beers that didn’t quite make the cut. At the end of the day the Michigan attitude jumps in and everyone helps out. Usually there’s a party and the regulars come out in full force to support a great local artisan.

This coming weekend is the 4 year anniversary party and we’re looking forward to celebrating with Doug! There are 24 limited edition “Redline: 4 more years” glasses available for purchase, and every celebration with Doug has a few delicious surprises. If you’re in the area make sure to stop by and wish Redline Brewing Company a happy birthday by raising a glass of delicious brew! We hope to see you there!


Weekend in Port Huron

This past weekend was a fun time for us at Mixing Spirits. Every year we do a weekend retreat to plan out the next year, new collections, different glassware types, website improvements, local artisan shows…it’s a great time to get us on the same page while we continue to create your favorite glassware. This year it coincided with my birthday so we went and enjoyed some local food and beer. I highly recommend the places we tried, check them out for yourselves below! 

Harsens Island Brewery was our first stop of the night. They had a variety of beer styles including a delicious cherry wheat, a key lime helles bock, a delicious stout, IPA options, and a CIT wheat that is used to create delicious beer shandys.

They also have a full food menu and everything we ate was delicious. Their Kickin Chicken met Jenn’s expectations as a heat expert. I had the barbeque chicken flatbread and it was amazing. I’m planning to take the leftovers for lunch this week. Terry had the shrimp po-boy and enjoyed every bite. They even have dessert and found me a little flair for my birthday! We will definitely be back to Harsens Island Brewery, it was a great time.

We stopped at Black & Blue Brewery a little later on Friday night and they did not disappoint either. They’ve been open inside of Wings Etc… since February 2019 and have 4 or 5 different options on tap for their own beer. They also have fully stocked liquor options and other Michigan beers on tap, including Griffin Claw.

We had a few late night snacks as well. The garlic cheese curds were amazing, and Jenn loved the jalapeno poppers. 

All in all I definitely recommend a night out in Port Huron, but it does get a little chilly outside by the water in winter. There were no Lyft or Uber drivers once we were ready to leave Harsens Island so we waited for an actual cab driver. Living around Detroit we forgot how spoiled we are with local transportation. I’m thinking the transportation situation may be more reliable in the summer when the tourists have descended in the area.

On our way out of town this morning we stopped at the Raven Cafe. It was full of everything we expected, there were books from floor to ceiling, they have several menus, including one for beverages, one for spirits, and one for food. Because our all knowing child HR rep is named after Edgar Allan Poe we are recommended this cafe several times every year. It’s highly ranked on Trip Advisor, Yelp, Google maps, and many other blogs and it’s easy to see why.

Jenn ordered a chai latte, I ordered the kicker (espresso & dark roast coffee), and Terry ordered a nitro cold brew. They were all incredibly delicious. For food we ordered a bagel sandwich, the breakfast pita pizza, and the veggie pesto bruchetta. We all loved our respective meals, and ordered a chocolate muffin to go which was devoured by our HR rep when he got home from Grandpa’s house.

At the end of the weekend we’ve had some great times, enjoyed amazing food, drank delicious drinks (both alcoholic and non alcoholic), and came through with a plan forward for this year to keep making your favorite glassware. We have some great things planned for this year and we’re excited to share them!

On that note, our next drink video releases on Friday with a nerdy valentine’s theme. Sign up for our newsletter to get a sneak peek and a special coupon code. 

See you soon!