Flexibility is key…

Local beverages

During the last few days Oakland County in Michigan has had our first official Covid-19 case. As the state, county, and cities begin preparing for the pandemic we are preparing as well. Most of our suppliers are based in the United States, and we do stock up on supplies after the busy holiday season so we aren’t expecting a supply issue. We are investigating the possibility of providing a greater number of items to Amazon Prime for better service, and considering limiting local drop offs to retail customers.

Currently the schools in our area are preparing to go to online programs, all gatherings of more than 100 people are being cancelled or rescheduled, and with our current lifestyles and risk factors we aren’t anticipating high risk for infection in our business. We are planning to use the time for catching up on special projects and working on expanding our offerings with our new laser!

This is incredibly stressful for many reasons, but remember…you can always share a glass of your favorite beverage long distance! We’re stocked with our favorite beer from River Rouge Brewing Company, Redline Brewing Company, whiskey from Motor City Gas, as well as ginger ale from Verners. It’s all about being prepared, right?

On a more serious note, please check your local hospital websites for updated information where you live, and the CDC website for updated recommendations for this horrific pandemic.

Stay safe and don’t panic.


best friend single wine glass