Pi Day For Everyone!

Pi Day therapy session, 3.14 against the remaining letters in a couple's therapy session

Happy Pi Day Mixers! With Covid-19 spreading in our area and our local government working diligently to keep everyone safe it’s time for a celebration to keep our minds off the mess! Today is π day! We haven’t come up with any new π day merchandise since the epic year of 2015 when we sold a ridiculous amount of pie plates with the pi symbol on them. I’m thinking there will be a math collection this year to remedy that problem. In the meantime we always welcome custom orders and LOVE seeing your favorite math jokes. Put your favorite pun in the comments!

Peace, Baby! Batiks has one of my favorite kid’s pi day gifts because it is adorable and PINK! While I don’t believe in discouraging anyone from studying STEM, as a woman in a STEM field myself I know how important it is to actively encourage little girls to follow their interests. There are so many fun and exciting things for all kids to study and it’s great to show them how cool STEM can be with fun holidays days like today.

For the older, more discerning pi day enthusiast this amazing fork from Silver Statements is a perfect gift. Before we were sand carving experts my husband used to take a pie to work on March 14, then give a piece to anyone who could tell them why he brought it. It’s encouraging that the majority of the kids he worked with knew pi day! If your classic pi day enthousiast isn’t actually a pie eater, Silver Statements has a wide range of items that would be perfect.

I mentioned that we don’t currently have any pi day items in our shop, but we love custom orders. We still accept custom orders for these fun pie plates, and they can be designed specifically for you. The reason we stopped offering them regularly is they are heavy, making them pricy to ship, and we prefer to buy them in the store so we can ensure excellent quality glass. These dishes, when bought in large quantities, usually scratch one another during shipment.

If you’re interested in a dish like this, one with grandma’s recipe in her handwriting, or something else entirely, contact us for a custom listing. They’re etched on the bottom of the plate to keep the cooking surface intact, and are phenomenal for ensuring your dish gets back to you after a potluck!

These hand towels from Out of My Head Designs are gorgeous and will be perfect for any baking math lover. There are several different color options for all times of the year, aptly called “Pumpkin Pi” and “Blueberry Pi”, as well as the cutest bib and burp cloth combos on their website. It’s a wonderful way to bring generations together for the love of pi!

Of course, how can you celebrate Pi Day without supporting your local bakeries! Sister Pie in Detroit is delicious and well worth supporting, even in these uncertain times. If you’re immunocompromised and can’t get out for a slice, no worries, they have a cookbook! As the weeks of this crazy time turn into months we’ll be focusing more on our favorite local joints. Small businesses are so important to the fabric of our community, and it’s important to keep supporting them as much as possible. 

Hopefully that helped out with a few pi day ideas! We have a St. Patrick’s day video ready to go with a giveaway. There will be a sneak peak in tomorrow’s March email and the video will be live on Tuesday!

Enjoy your Pi(e) Mixers!