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Are you experiencing wedding overload? There’s so much pressure to have a perfect Instagram wedding these days. It feels like every detail needs to be thought of, every second of your guests time accounted for, and every hotel accommodation a 5 star experience. While my own weddings were extremely low budget and planned when the only website available was The Knot, I’ve been to plenty that have fit that picture perfect image. It’s easy to see how the process can become complicated with the overwhelming amount of information available.

If your wedding isn’t 20 people on a pier by a lake like mine was, and you’re looking for the picture perfect day, I highly recommend finding experts to help guide you through the process. Today I’m sharing a few of my favorite wedding experts in Detroit. 


Photographers and videographers are two of the most wedding experts you will have for your big day. They will document your whole day in images that you and your family will cherish for generations. These are your holiday card photos, your featured framed photos in your house, and a visual reminder of your love for one another.

When you’re considering your photographer and videographer for your wedding you’ll want to make sure their photography style matches your vision for the day. I’ve heard horror stories of people choosing a photographer without looking at their gallery, or hiring friends instead of paying for professional photos that end in disaster. The photos are blurry, or shot at strange angles when you wanted classic shots, sometimes there’s just a disconnect between you and the photographer’s vision. The best way to make sure you’ve found the best photographer for you is to check out their gallery. It’s a lot like picking out the right tattoo artist, everyone has different styles and expertise. 

One of my favorite local photographers is Michelle from Michelle Ann Photography. She’s super sweet and has a great eye for composition. As you check out her website she has her galleries and pricing clearly listed, an easy way to contact her, and a blog describing her different sessions while displaying her personality. When finding the right photographer for you these pieces of a website are vital. It helps screen out photographers who’s artistic style may not match your special day.

Invitations & Calligraphy

The first thing your guests see is the invitations. There’s a strong pull to have something unique, something that reflects your personality, something that shows your beautiful love story…all encased in one envelope. It’s a tall order, and how do you even begin to search for all that?! Well, if you’re like me you buy your invites at Michael’s, and design them on your computer, swearing at the printer because they aren’t lining up properly. If you’re smarter than me there are calligraphy experts out there like Leah E Moss.

She offers a variety of services, including her collections that can be ordered right from your couch for a wide variety of budgets, custom calligraphy packages that include a one-on-one consultation, and even gifts for that special first (or fiftieth!) anniversary.

When selecting a calligrapher, just like a photographer, the artists style is so important to get it perfect for your special day. Check out their galleries, find their social media accounts, read their blogs. The result with the right person will be perfect from the first impression with a save the date, to the final dance on the big day.

The Special Extras

For me the most overwhelming parts of the wedding was all the little extras. Even with a low budget wedding there’s all those little extra details. What are you going to put on the tables? Centerpieces? Snacks? What should the cake topper look like? Will you even have cake? What about cupcakes? If you do a unity ceremony during your service do you do sand? Candles? How do you get from the ceremony to the reception?

I’m a little biased building my career designing coatings for the Detroit auto industry, but one of my favorite wedding experts is Kymberly from Motor City Vintage Rentals. She and her father restore classic Detroit vehicles and make them available for brides to arrive in style for their big day. Rather than renting out the same old limousine that everyone uses for prom, why not put a little flair in your day and flaunt your bridal beauty as everyone watches you arrive? They’re now in their ninth season of weddings and can help you plan out those pesky ceremony to reception details with ease.

The most important part of not getting wedding overload with those extra details is picking what’s important to you. For Kymberly it was her first classic car Hugo, for me it was the unity drink chalice (it fit a whole bottle of wine) and my beautiful square white cake covered in real gerbera daisies. Once you decide what’s important to you make sure those details are perfect. No one will remember the rest, they’ll just remember how you looked beautiful and in love.

Hopefully the wedding overload isn’t too bad, and this blog post helped. We’ll be looking at some fun wedding trends for spring on Wednesday!


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